Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mechanical Equivalent of Heat vs. Energy Equivalent of Entropy

To all believers in science
(The Laws of Nature)

Human entropy requirements cannot currently be determined and satisfied. There is extensive data for human energy analysis but none for entropy. Erwin Schroedinger, Roger Penrose, and others have pointed out that the primary purpose of food is to lower our entropy or we die. Yet when famous people (Ronald Reagan for example) need to be fed intravenously, only their energy requirements are considered. So it is very clear that we do not calculate or apply human entropy changes to any of our human (or animal) activities.
We have many essays, programs and technical papers by some of the world's most highly respected engineers to prove beyond all doubt that this condition exists on our planet. Therefore proper analysis of social, political, nutritional, medical, and other important activities are impossible. I can't guarantee success but I know what guarantees failure and everybody is doing it.

When Joule discovered the mechanical equivalent of heat (MEH), it was so tremendously large it caused a world wide mad scramble for energy which has existed until today. It was very difficult to make the MEH measurement because one had to drop a lot of weights and read minute temperature changes. Prescott Joule became good at all of this and found that 1 BTU is equivalent to 778 ft-lbs of energy. Everyone including Lord Kelvin was shocked by this.

 More difficult to measure will be the energy equivalent of entropy (EEE). It is so large that I don’t believe it will ever be determined by thermal analysis. Although we can not sense its presence, it does affect our social world in ways we cannot predict without further research. However, EEE can be calculated using the Boltzmann definition of entropy and fundamentals from any elementary thermo text. Shown below is a calculation that says changes in entropy can cause giga-BTU losses.    

The value calculated below can only be an ideal number. The value that people receive, use, and spend has never been determined like energy has. We do not propose that research be done to get the information needed for human entropy management; we demand it. Our goal is is to satisfy our (and your) need, You can not know for sure if whatever you are doing will work if you don’t know its entropy costs.

The Energy Equivalent


dQ = T ds                               Q=heat
s = k ln(w)                               s=entropy 
ds = k dw/w
w is the number of microscopic ways
that gives the same macroscopic state
k=boltzmann constant

dQ = k T dw/w
k = 1.38 x 10^(-23) joule/deg
dw/w = dQ/T x 725 x 10^20

Let T = 300 C
1% change in w is equivalent to
242 x 10^18 joules of energy
That’s 242,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules
240,000,000,000,000,000 BTU

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