Monday, May 30, 2011

The Big One Can Be Seen Months In Advance

If you are concerned about the predicted big earthquake said to be overdue in Southern California, you should know that it could be predicted well in advance when our government learns about the latest research. This does not come from a little ol’ lady who’s fountain squirts when earthquakes begin, or from a chicken farm where the birds get funny. Nor does it include the well-reported search for an electro-magnetic precursor. Ground stress changes take months and no electro-magnetics exist at these frequencies. The electro-magnetic wave length for 60 cycles is over 3000 miles and would take equipment that large to see it. This prediction method is the result of years of work by some of the world’s most respected engineers, scientists, and technicians. In this country they include K. E. Van Every two times recipient of the SAE Wright Brothers Award; A. M. O. Smith 1974 AIAA Wright Brothers Lectureship and the Robert H. Goddard award from Canada; Ed Heinemann Chief Engineer of Douglas El Segundo who is said to be responsible more than any other man for the US winning the war in the Pacific; Maurice S. Cahn who was an Aeronautical Research Scientist for NACA during its most respected and active years throughout the Cold War and who is now Director of Research for the recently formed US National Search Labs ; and Ed Warren top technician at the famous Lockheed Skunk Works.
            Large earthquakes can be predicted as much as 2 months in advance and they can be moderated. This has been proven beyond all possible engineering doubt. It was first discovered in 1976 by Yulin Zhao, Research Professor at the State Seismological Bureau, Beijing, China. It is called the Yulin Zhao Method. Zhao showed changes in the Earth’s electrical properties two months before a 7.8 magnitude quake that killed a half million people at Tang Shang, China.
            The proof begins with classical texts on the theory of elasticity (see “Theory of Elasticity” by Timoshinko & Goodier, 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill). It is shown that stress will change the electrical properties of all things from airplane wings to the Earth’s crust. These changes can be seen with complex function theory (CFT) which allows powerful insight into Laplace flow that all electricity must obey. But it can only be done with a computer program that allows experimentation and manipulation of the required algebra. Windows or any of the “user friendly” programs will not work. Don’t even think about using Mathematica.
            To run the NSL programs many details must be known. The random variations of resistivety in the Earth may frighten the faint-hearted but understanding the transformation that can bring back Laplace’s equation will solve that problem. These methods were developed with funding from DARPA in the DOD. The NSL is now working on a quake detection system at Ridgecrest, California. We plan to make good engineering into a popular money making sport for groups like schools, clubs, scouts, etc. The modern computer makes it possible. Bill Gates makes it impossible. 

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