Sunday, May 15, 2011

Human Entropy Requirements; Where Are the Numbers?

A Plan To Get Numbers

By the National Search Lab

The National Search Lab plans to correct the serious lack of scientific application of the 2nd Law by the following three pronged attack.

 1. Make entropy measurements of all substances including food raw and cooked. (Entropy measurements are presently made for many substances and the methods are well established.)

 2. Get entropy change requirements for all tasks such as flying an airplane, running a computer, filing papers, listening to television, everything including operating our body. (We do it for energy including requirements for operating our body. Go to this link and see: )

 3. Determine the human capability to make entropy changes by measuring peoples capability in simple situations where numbers can be obtained. (Jigsaw puzzles and other simple games can be used to get times and amounts for this item.)

 With the numbers obtained from the above programs and some “Goot Enchineerink” we can now determine if we are getting enough order to achieve our goals. Otherwise, standby for more chaos...IT'S THE LAW!!!

When we get the numbers and learn to use them to help us make decisions, we will find out if we can do the things we now attempt.  Where are the numbers? Your numbers?


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