Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Ten Demmandments

Ten Demmandments For Engineers
Here are the well-proven laws of nature. Engineers obey them religiously. Let’s call them The Ten Demmandments. Everyone obeys them whether they want to or not. They are:
          1.  Force equals mass times acceleration.
         2.  All movement remains the same unless changed by force.
          3.  For every force there is an equal and opposite force.
          4.  All masses attract each other.
          5.  Energy cannot be created.
          6.  Energy cannot be destroyed.
          7.  Order cannot be created.
          8.  Order is destroyed by all real moves.
          9.  Every move is a move.
10. If you don’t have numbers, 
You ain’t going no where, baby!
>D1 through D4 are Newton’ Laws of Motion.
>D5 through D8 are the Laws of Thermodynamics.

All engineers and scientists know about these Ten Demmandments. But they missed the Jimmy Beasley Demmandment (number 9). This is what is causing all the world conflicts large and small. Every move you make costs you. You have to spend something more important than energy. Even if that move takes zero energy, or time, you still have to pay for it. Every thought you make you must pay for from your stockpile of moves. Watch out how you spend them! You only have a limited number.
Every point and click with a mouse are moves. You have a limited amount of energy so you don’t try impossible things like lifting automobiles. You must do the same accounting for entropy with numbers. The concept of entropy, or its opposite yportne (pronounced: ee port’ nee), can be used to get the numbers you need to live by. The entropy for any system, from superheated steam in a ship's boiler to a bunch of bananas, can be obtained. It must be obtained for everything we do or “we ain’t going nowhere, baby.” The methods for getting these numbers are well developed. We had better find out how, or at least, how to estimate them. We can show you how. Are you ready, or do you insist on believing that “user friendly” computer programs can do it for you. 


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