Saturday, May 14, 2011

Counting Your Beasleys

Farmer Gates & his Fannye Sez:
If you don’t count your Beasleys

You ain’t going nowhere, baby!!!

What is a Beasley?

Jimmy Beasley was the first to state 

that every move is a move.
Even if it takes zero energy,
and costs you absolutely no money.

It requires n-factorial Beasleys or moves
To work an n-piece jigsaw puzzle.
A 10-piece puzzle requires 10-factorial Beasleys.
10-factorial = 10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1 = 3,628,800
The math symbol for n-factorial is n! (n exclamation)
11! Is 11X10! = 39,916,800 so every time you add
one item you increase the moves required
by a factor of n+1.
A 500-piece puzzle requires a number so large
that no computer can handle it.

Windows type programs may give n choices,
but you must pay n! Beasleys to use it,
So every time the “user friendly” people add
one more item you lose n+1 x factorial n Bs. 
Nobody counts their Beasleys.
and computers are sucking up
almost everyone’s supply of Beasley’s.
Therefore they cannot do anything useful.

Every one has a limited supply of Beasleys.
Where do you get your Bs?
Where do you spend them?
How many do you need to do your job,
run the computer, operate your body,
and everything, yes, everything you do?

You can be healthy and not count your Bs.
You can be wealthy and not count your Bs,
But you can’t be healthy, wealthy, and wise
If you don’t count your Beasleys.

A DNA molecule contains 5X10^40 B’s.
That’s 5 followed by 40 zeros.
That’s what you can get from it.
How you prepare it will make that vary. 
Exactly how much you get can be accurately determined.
Every elementary thermodynamics textbook
shows you how to calculate entropy
which is a measure of the lack of B’s,
and impossible to understand.

The world you live in is in bad shape and it is your fault.
Start counting your Beasleys and you will see.

Non trivia question #1:
How do you know you satisfy your energy requirements?
Ans: Years of research by experts. You can count calories.

Non trivia question #2:
How do you know you satisfy your entropy requirements?
Ans: You ain’t going nowhere, baby.

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